#BB16 Part 1 of the season premier first 8 in house

Okay so I am going to give my feedback so far on the first 8 guests inside the BB house for season 16!!

I already know all of this 8's names...whew here we go starting top left to right with the guys and then the left to right with the girls.

Devin - He looks and sounds like a genuine guy to me. I listened to his interview on the BigBrother site before the show started last night and he was/is one of my top favorites. He's a single dad of a 2-year old daughter. Use to be in minor league baseball, daughter comes first. He's a good guy I think :) GO DEVIN!!

Donnie - I couldn't remember his name the other night and kept calling or referring to him as the Duck Hunter guy! Not a bad thing, he also sounds like a good guy not stuck up etc and I am super happy that Devin and him are in a "2 guy alliance called the Double D's" lol yea nice name but hey it fits hehe

Frankie - okay I must admit when watching him in the interview I wasn't too sure about him one way or the other so I decided okay he's a YouTube personality let's see why right?! So I went to YouTube and started watching some of his videos! He's hysterical!! LOVE him!!! He's my top favorites as well! He just seems like he's a happy go luck and full of life and energy guy (SPOILER - he won the first HoH last night!!)

Cody - hmm, well I think he's a good guy, but he likes to flirt and he likes to keep taking off his shirt already and thinks that he's all that and then some which okay yes I am admitting he's nice to look at but, that doesn't always get you everywhere especially in the game of Big Brother! So we'll see how he does.

Now onto the ladies:

Amber- Model thinks that she is all that and then some but, I don't think that she realizes that being a pretty model is going to get her everything in the BB house. She needs to step it up some and I think that she did last night when she played the challenge and not only did she last til the end but, then she was a fool I think and threw the challenge!! 

On a side note WHY would you want to throw a challenge?? Really?? I mean even if you're told the HoH isn't always safe, I don't care, give it your all don't just try and then at the end throw it and another side note, if indeed you decide to "throw it" at the last minute do it to where people don't see that you are really throwing it on purpose! Geez really?

Nicole - hmm, not too sure about her as of yet. She sounded okay in the interview video to get to know her. She's quiet and a huge fan so we'll see how she does.

Paole or something like that nicknamed Paw Paw or Pow Pow don't remember! She's a dj and when that is all good and great, she thinks that she is yet a gift to all guys and she can get any of them...hmm, I'd be careful with that and she's already looking to be in a Showmance with Cody!! She's so googly eyed on Cody already and stated that she would go to bed with him!! The first flipping night!! Geez!

On a side note that again is why I wanted to see more mid 30's and not so many young 20's in the house!! They are just HORN DOGS to put it nicely!

Then as the last lady we have Joey - she's a hairstylist or make up artist something like that, whichever it is she's good at and I like her. I like her from the time I saw her video as well. She seems like a down to earth person who wasn't a fan of the show b/c she hasn't had cable in awhile to watch the show but I think that it might help her in some ways. She's one of my favorites.

So out of the first 8 coming in the house I have several favorites and I can't wait to see how they are tonight!! I am determined to get the darn live feeds so I can keep an eye on them if the season starts to heat up before too long! Heck what am I talking about, the first night it was heated! LOL

So that is just some of my thoughts and opinions on the first 8 in the house on BB 16. 

Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions as well.

Have a great rest of the day and I will be blogging either tonight/tomorrow about part 2 of the season 16 with the second group of 8 coming into the house tonight.

Side note, I like the surfer pedicab guy that lives in CA but can't think at the second what his name is!


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