Stop whining about the little things!

So today I went on my "soap box" so to speak and just let it out in a post that I made on my facebook. And yes the one that it was mainly aimed at didn't like what I had to say and still suggests that she will just keep thinking that life sucks! Okay, well if that is the way that you want to live, so be it.

Here's what my post said:

I really just don't understand or get why some people are determined to bitch, moan and groan about the smallest of things and then think life sucks so bad?!! Really? In my opinion I think that the ones that are always negative and bitch and moan about every TINY little thing doesn't know the meaning of being thankful and grateful for things in your life...APPRECIATE what you have because there isALWAYS someone else less fortunate than you!!!

And with that being said, thank you to everyone that puts their life on the line for our freedom every day!!! Thank you to all the families that have loved ones fighting for our freedom every day. I appreciate my freedoms and always will be thankful for that! Just blows my mind how unappreciative some people are about things!

And sure I could sit here and whine moan and groan about oh poor pitiful me I don't have this that or the other but instead I CHOOSE to be positive and that's how I am going to be so all the negative people need to take a flying leap!!

Okay that's all..for now!

If I offend anyone, I'm sorry but, I just think that its stupid to be so negative!


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