Who touched the...

This is to my middle son Chris!!! He seems to LOVE to touch and eat everything as far as a snack that isn't his!! I know that he's a teen, I get that but, he's always been this way and I don't know what in the world to do about it! Each of my teens have there own "snacks" and so forth and if they eat them all up then that's it they are done, no more! But not my son Chris, he gets into mine if all else fails and that frustrates me because I have a limited amount of things I buy for myself to snack on and mine last a very long time unlike his do and the thing that gets me most is the fact that he won't own up to it! He could be caught red handed literally and still deny it and say nope wasn't me! ugh!! So the title of Who touched the...made me instantly think of my son Chris getting into snacks!

Have a great 2014!!


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