Something disturbing that I heard today


So one of my best friends and I was just talking about random things while it was slow at work and something came up that I never realized.

Now I am not the kind that will usually post things on my blog that could rub some people the wrong way and by NO means do I mean any disrespect to anyone…this is just my opinion and I found it disturbing to me.

She said that Congress still hadn’t basically gotten off their butts and passed the unemployment thing, now while this does not effect me directly, it does affect a lot of people in this country and I understand that and I feel for them because I know how thankful and grateful that I am for being able to work my job that I have and the hours that I have been getting, lots of them!

With that being said, she continued to tell me that they are trying to figure out how to pay the unemployment if they should decide to pass it. Okay, well that was just a WHAT? to me because we as far as I understand have millions going here and there like its nothing to things that honestly probably shouldn’t be throwing millions and billions etc on.

She continued on to say that some lady (her mom was listening to a political show or watching it) and some lady came on and had a solution and honestly it makes since to me but like I said it might not to some…and here is what the lady was saying basically said that all these illegals that are in OUR country and pay taxes and get TONS of money back because of all these kids that they claim but yet they don’t have to put in a social security number on the forms when they do the taxes but yet they get tons of money back? Those people aren’t even LEGAL to live in our country and claim kids where some of them don’t even live here and others that are here, aren’t legal either!!! She suggested why don’t we take that money that is being paid out to them and pay the Americans that need the unemployment. Makes sense to me!

I was furious when she brought that up because I have to answer questions about my kids when I file my taxes and I have to have a social security number on the forms or else it doesn’t go through. So why on earth would our government allow those things to take place? And like I said nothing against really anyone it just doesn’t make sense to me….

Here we are in the Land of the Free yet Americans that are trying to work and trying to make a living and trying to make it day to day can’t find jobs and can’t get help and can’t get things because were to damn busy giving it to people that aren’t even legal citizens of this country!!! Really??

Just irritates me a lot to find out that information. I never realized that it was so easy for the illegals to do things like that and take money from Americans that have worked and scraped by in this country that we call home and our ancestors went through crap just to live In this country and yet today we just let others come in and take take TAKE from the ones that call this home…. The ones that fight for this country the ones that deserve more than what they are getting…

This country is definitely going downhill when a lady suggests such a good suggestion and yet our government are so full of themselves that they won’t even flipping consider the suggestion!! Why wouldn’t you consider any suggestion at this point when Americans are having to scrape and barely get by these days!!

Like I said I’m thankful for the life that I have and the job that I have and all that but, for those that can’t find a job not the ones that don’t care and don’t even bother looking but the ones that are actually sending out resumes and trying to work its just not right for illegals to get money and not our own Americans…


Okay I will stop now and just say this…I love this country I just don’t love the way that our government is handling things right now. I think that they each need to take a long look in the mirror and after they do they need to give up there pay just for a month and live in the average Americans shoes for a month and then maybe just maybe they might turn things around!!


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