Adopted Oreo this morning :)

For some of you that really know me, know that I am a HUGE animal lover and especially cats. I love dogs too, just right now I'm lucky to be able to have a cat where I'm staying...

I had a beautiful white calico that was 6 years old named Bunnie...she was my baby girl!! So spoiled and I loved her with all my heart!! Still do missing her dearly..she's always been an inside kitty and I would take her outside on nice days and let her roam the yard and I would walk with her down the street and back she loved it...she just walked around and snooped around but with no leach so she just loved getting some fresh air..She always cuddled with me in the winter time especially...she use to always snuggle up on my hip when I was sleeping on my side or if I laid on my back she would snuggle on top of me etc..she was my little princess...loved her with all my heart....but this year she got out of the house and she's gone now...hoping that someone found her and is loving her and keeping her safe and warm....

For one of my early Christmas presents one of my best friends that I'm staying with right now decided that it was time that I got another I went to the local Animal shelter this morning with my oldest son and after probably 20 or more minutes of wanting to take them all home with us, this one kitten who is now named Oreo Milk Shake (I came up with Oreo thanks to a friend that suggested it and my son right off the bat for whatever crazy reason came up with Milk Shake lol) So we couldn't compromise so I came up with Oreo Milk

When I first walked in there and saw this baby he looked at me with those sweet little eyes and meowed at me and put his paw out and I held his paw and he licked me and rubbed up against my fingers...he had me then and there...I looked at all the other babies but I kept going back to him...So we got him and brought him home..He rode in the car pretty well..we just lived a couple of minutes away which was good and my son kept him calm while I drove...the kitten licked my son in the face and just was purring up a very very lucky, blessed and thankful to have our baby Oreo Milk Shake with us today!

And yes I absolutely took a million pics of him! 

The boy in the pic with him is my youngest son whose 15 and has fallen for him a million percent!! 

And at this moment, Oreo is snuggled up underneath my chin and laying his head on my I am tilted leaning back in bed blogging :)

My son came in here and said are you going to sleep like that? And I said Yes, if I need too I will!! I love Oreo he's such a doll baby and I just love his little meow and his loud and that makes me so happy!!

So anyway, I just wanted to share my sweet story with you all and say if you can wherever you are, please help out the animal shelters and adopt or rescue a sweet cat or dog...


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