Leaving for Vegas in the morning!!!

I am SO excited!! I can't believe that it's finally here!!! Tomorrow will be heading out on a 10 am flight to Vegas from Dallas!! This will be my 3rd time there. The first time was for my 30th birthday with my best friend Lori that is celebrating her 40th this coming Tuesday!! We are going to have a BLAST!

The last time I was there was about 6 years or so ago and both other times I was there something went wrong and I wasn't able to take pics. Or a very few and then the cam messed up, so this time I am covered!! I have my cell, my cam with extra batteries and Lori is bringing 4 disposable camera's! So yea I think I'm covered!! :)

First time I went there, I stayed on the strip in the Luxor. It was nice. The 2nd time I went, I stayed in the 4 Queens downtown and it was nice as well. This time were staying downtown again. So at least I have a taste of both on the strip and downtown.

We are going to stay downtown tomorrow when we get there and enjoy walking around and looking at this and gambling some there downtown. Then Monday were heading to the strip early that morning, eating at a buffet for lunch and then heading to Ramsey's pub for dinner :) I can't wait to see what his pub tastes like..will take TONS of pics!! And will be updating daily or rather nightly :)

Then Tuesday we will be heading to the Pawn Stars pawn shop there in Vegas! I think that will be fun and to take a pic of the shop there will be really cool. Its fun to see it on tv, but to be there is going to be awesome!! Then we will be registering for our slots tournament for Wednesday and hanging downtown for her birthday Tuesday.

On Wednesday we will be hanging downtown and playing in our slots tournament, it will be our first one so hoping that we both win a descent amount. Top prize is $7500!! All the way down to places 7th-26th for $50.

Then Thursday mid morning at 11 or so our flight heads out and back to Dallas..boo!! LOL..

But while we are going into Vegas in the morning, Maroon 5 will be coming out of Vegas and going to Dallas since they have a concert here tomorrow night!!!! And they are in Vegas tonight playing at the iHeart radio music festival..yes still hoping and wishing that I will see Adam in the airport!! I will be snapping pics with my cell!! LOL..Paul McCartney is another one that will be in the festival tonight in vegas wishing to see him as well..never know...wish me luck I see someone famous!


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