Radio host Kidd Kraddick dies at 53

My heart is breaking today as I heard the news about a wonderful selfless man named Kidd Kraddick. He was heard all over the country as Kidd Kraddick in the morning. I listened to him and the morning show every morning for years and years. I hadn't listened to them lately as I have been addicted to listening to my spotify playlists but, now and again I would listen to it online. And when I wasn't here in Dallas I always listened to them online as well and in my car, its set on Kiss heart really breaks mostly for his daughter....Kidd is the one in the middle above. He was doing such great things for people all over. He was a kind hearted wonderful man and I just feel so saddened by hearing the news that he died yesterday. He was doing what he did best, helping others. He was at a golf tournament raising money for Kidd's Kids. Kidd's Kids was and is a very special thing that Kidd came up with for special children and their families to take a vacation every year. I'm still in shock as I sit here and write this. I never met him in person but, I swear when you listened to him in the mornings it felt like he was one of my closest and dearest friends.

Kidd will be greatly missed...he was one of a kind great people in this world that always did good and will always be remembered, loved and young..taken from us way too soon..

                                                               RIP Kidd, love you always!!


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