MasterChef - whose going home tonight?

I love this show! I hadn't watched it before until I started watching it with one of my very best friends :) And now I am forever hooked on it!! I LOVE Chef Ramsey so I really love the show!!

I have been watching it every week and so far I was that Crissy gone!! She just seems to get on my nerves! She's too obnoxious and thinks that she knows it all and I understand that she's a great chef, Okay I will give her that BUT the attitude just sucks with her sometimes and I really think that she needs to go home!

Update: I just watched it tonight and sorry again to say that the one that I wanted to go home is still on the show, however, I am happy to say that I was happy that Eddie won the advantage challenge and that James is still in it! I love the two of them!


  1. We love this show! yes, Chrissy needs to be gone!

  2. Isn't it the greatest show?!! Yea I am completely addicted to it and yes exactly Chrissy needs to go!! Her bad attitude about things just suck and she needs to head home!


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