Foil Art Giveaway

I have never seen anything like this before and I have to say it's super fun! It's called Foil Art by Peaceable Kingdom. Foil Art is a lot like coloring a picture, but with foil instead of crayons or markers. Kids get to see the end result so quickly and this product line has been a huge hit with both girls and boys. Unlike art made with crayons, markers or paint, Foil Art leaves no mess to clean up. The foil only sticks to the sticky areas of the picture or jewelry you’re creating!

This looks like a great giveaway for a special someone :) 

Good luck to everyone that enters.


Foil Art is simple to use! Just pick the cut out you want and simply peel back the section you'd like to have foiled and place your foil on top. The foil will only stick to the section you peeled on your cut out.

foil art 1
Slowly peel back your foil. The foil will stick only to the sticky section you peeled off.
foil art 3
foil art 4
The white sections of the card board are ready to be peeled. Once they are peeled they will be sticky and ready for the next colored foil.
foil art 5
Lauren picked blue as her next color. She pressed, peeled and wala!
foil art 6
foil art 7
Foil Art also comes with tons of yarn to make bracelets, headbands and anything else you can think of.
foil art 8
Lauren also made a bracelet using the Foil Art card board bracelet. It's the 4th of July so she wanted to be festive.
foil art 9
She also made this cute necklace
foil art 10
Foil Art is fun and my daughter & I really enjoyed creating accessories. You get tons of stuff for hours of creativity which is perfect for my creative little girl!
Want to win one of these?
Foil Art Jewelry Sticker Kit OR Foil Art Sticker Kit
Starts July 11- Ends July 25th
U.S only
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