Watch out for CG Direct

I worked for this company for a couple of months. I would ask a question and the team lead and the boss would contradict each other. One of them would say do it this way and the other would say the opposite. 

We had a team chat room on skype where we would talk to our team and try to help but especially on the weekends a team lead was never available to answer any questions and even during the week they weren't there to help. The training was fast paced which I didn't mind but they left HALF of the things that we needed to know OUT of the training!!

I didn't mind working for them since it was money coming in every week UNTIL I get terminated because a customer calls in and tells me that he was on the phone and heard the agent talking on a phone to a family member about getting pull ups! He said that e waited and waited and figured ok she will eventually to me, but nope she never came on the line and continued on blabbing to her family members in the background. When the customer told me this I went in the chat room and told the agents that a customer was puzzled about why he had to sit and listen to an agent talk to a family member about getting pull ups! I didn't aim it at anyone but I said to just becareful and to make sure that it wasn't answering on auto answer or something b/c of the customer being able to hear the agent.

Then the NEXT morning I am TERMINATED from my contract!!! The reason my performance, ok I am FINE with that if it was true!! I was getting great numbers and BONUSES weekly!!! So how in the world was this because of my "performance" and it just so happens to be after I made the comment in the chat room...really?? They are going to let me go yet they aren't worried about the AGENT who was on the phone chatting up a storm while the customer was on the phone waiting to be talked too...right yea that sounds like they have everything under control!! NOT!

If you are smart you will STAY AWAY from this company!!!

I have been working at home for over 13 years in customer service and NEVER have I ever been done this way before!

**And not to mention that they sold the accounts/company so that was probably a bail out as well. If I was in the wrong then I could understand but I don't believe that I was in the wrong by telling the other agents to look and make sure that they weren't on auto answer or whatever so that this doesn't happen again, in my eyes I was looking out for both the company and the agents...or so I thought!**


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