Chef Ramsey's shows

I enjoy watching the shows that Chef Ramsey is on...its so cool to see him be so calm, cool and collective one night and then the next night on Hell's Kitchen he's just the complete opposite!

I like his accent... :) Kinda sexy...

I am going to Vegas in September for 4 nights and can't wait!! While there I want to go to his restaurant I think he has one in Caesars there...wherever it is I want to go there and see how it is and I will be taking pics of the signs while I'm there too...can't wait! I am getting on a picture taking spree again! 

I just recently got into watching his show Kitchen!! Some of those people I really think need a swift kick in the butt! I mean seriously, the guy shows up to take time to help you and all you can do is disrespect him? Just not right at all!! I know its a show and all but geez!


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