Tell me that this isn't really true and happening please!!

I use to watch the news every evening while cooking or occasionally while eating etc but I haven't really watched it in awhile..yesterday or so before the voice it was on talking about the devastation in Oklahoma and being that I am born and raised half of my life in OK I watched that but it was still heartbreaking to hear about all the damage and loss of lives etc that was done in that tragedy of the tornadoes...Anyway, for a number of reasons I haven't watched/listened to news in awhile...well earlier this evening one of my best friends informed me that this idiot that shot and killed and injured the people in the Ft. Hood shootings back in 2009, he is STILL GETTING A SALARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His sorry butt is in prison and somehow someway the nut cracker is still getting PAID???? How is it that that idiot is still bringing in a salary but the victims and the families that have lost their loved ones aren't getting a penny????? Something just isn't right about that to me!!!!!!

Here is the link to the story so you can see for yourself!!


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