Too many bad things going on in this country lately..

Last week there was too many tragedies to count going on in this country!! We shouldn't have to worry about things like this. There was the Boston Marathon bombing that thankfully didn't hurt and kill more then it did..thoughts go out to all those affected by that tragedy.

Then here in Texas there was the town of West I believe is the name of it that had the fertilizer plant explosion and killed people and flattened most of the town horrible!! Thoughts go out to all of those that were affected in that too.

Now today I'm seeing tweets and fb statuses about people trying to blow up trains here in the US. One from Chicago to Canada and another one from NY to Toronto. Thankfully they were caught/stopped in time but that is awful.

I was hoping that 2013 would be better then last year and in some ways it is but other ways its not living up to starting off that good and its almost May!

Needing good thoughts and positive energy gong over this country for more GOOD news stories and not negative ones...


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