Working from home- companies/clients that don't pay

When you are working at home, there is always the chance that people/companies are going to try and rip you off. One way is by not paying you. Make sure you have your rear end covered. Keep records of conversations on messengers/email etc and always also make a spreadsheet/doc in Google docs or somewhere safe where it won't get lost of all the tasks you do and the time that it took you to do them. Be very very specific with certain tasks if you need too.
I have been working here at home for over 13 years and in these years I haven't been ripped off but a couple of times which is a great thing but, every now and again you will find yourself in the midst of chaos when the client files a dispute and doesn't want to pay. For example, this is what I am going through with one of my now ex-clients on Elance. Elance is a great site and very very reputable etc. I have an excellent rating on there as a contractor that I take very seriously and because of this one bad apple of a client I am now facing the chance of having my reputation drop some and that is very frustrating, aggrevating and just out all right ticking me off!
I worked for this woman for a week or a little over. I started on New Years Eve. I was on the phone 3 way calling with her trying to get the business phone that she sent me working. After a couple of hours it started working and then the service tech decided to restart it and we did then it didn't work! So from 10am until 5pm ALL day long spending on the phone 3 waying with her and the crazy tech guy the conclusion..I need to go buy a new router! Router was working just FINE but that was the conclusion they came too so I went out and got a new router and it works..hmm don't figure! So needless to say that was a very very LONG and hectic she's saying that I didn't work that day!! UM ok then you shouldn't of told me at the beginning of the conversation "please make sure to note the time we start/stop so that you can get paid for this training"  My ears were hurting at the end of the day!!!!!!! So she's whining over those hours!!! Really?? Then if you can't handle paying someone $80 for 10 hours a week then you have NO business hiring people to work for you!! Damn really!!!
So if this lady doesn't drop the dispute I am turning her and her company into the BBB because I do NOT appreciate the way that she is treating me. Pay for the work that I did and go on about your business...


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