First Hostess and now Elmo?? What in the world??!

I heard about Hostess the other day..that is just sad...its really really heartbreaking to me because I remember those snacks being around for a very very long time and now for them to go out its just frustrating and hard to believe and what I feel for the most, is all the people that have put there lives in those companies and now won't have a steady job/income coming in and right before the holidays is just extra sad and heartbreaking.
And then I heard today about Elmo..the voice of Elmo resigning because of whatever issues he has and I will leave it at that...that is just sad too because my kids who are now teens, grew up on Elmo and its sad to hear about something and someone that has been around for so many years resign. I can't imagine Elmo not being around and not too sure that they can ever replace his voice..I mean its just one of those voices that stuck and that's why he was Elmo for so long...goodness sad news to hear.


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