Back to work tomorrow...

So besides being sick all of last week the week seemed to go by really fast! Good news, I'm finally feeling better and other good news the kids, will be going back to school tomorrow! I enjoyed them being out on there break somewhat! Certain days they were good and other days, like earlier today they were just in a very very pestering mood and that just isn't a great thing when they are choosing to pester.. I am tired of the pestering which leads to bickering which leads to me getting a headache from it all then that leads to them being grounded to there rooms without some of there favorite things! Yea lovely way to end the holiday week but that was there choices!
So hopefully they have gotten that all out of there systems and the rest of the evening will go by quietly..hopefully?!
Looking forward to working this upcoming week since this past week was crappy because of me feeling like crap!! And I'm looking forward to maybe getting another 1-2 clients.
I got a new client the other day that I will start working with this January. She's sending me a phone to use for the company work so I'm looking forward to getting that soon.
Have a great upcoming back to norm work week everyone.


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