Happy 14th Birthday to my youngest son Sean!!

Today is my youngest son's 14th birthday...its a special day for a number of reasons..my son is now 14..wow how time flies! He's my youngest of 4 kids..all of which are growing up way too fast and are all teens...so now I have a 14, 15, 16 and 19 year old..kinda cool that they are all in a row until next month when my middle son turns 17.

I had a hard time with Sean...he's a great kid, I had a hard time having him..it was a challenging time that's for sure! I swear every pregnant woman in that town where I had him was in that hospital that day having babies!! And they had ONE doctor there!!!!!! So he was going around giving all of us shots to put us "on hold" to have them at HIS convenience and let me just say that is NOT fun when the doctor makes it more difficult on you!

He's a great young man..growing up to be a wonderful young man and young adult. He's a very  very talented artist and has been invited to a go to a college the summer of 2013 to stay in the dorm and get a scholarship for a week! Not sure of all the details yet but that is pretty awesome that teachers got together and chose him and a very few select others to go on this trip and stay in the dorms and do really cool stuff for a week! How awesome!! I am SO very proud of him!!

Happy 14th Sean!! Love you more then you can ever imagine!! He's my baby but such a great young man growing up way too fast.


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