I have a love for a few things here lately...well actually my love for each of these has always been there but I guess with things the way that they are going now in the economy and such with people having hard times that are usually doing pretty good, I've wanted to share some great things with others.

I have decided to go out and hit the coupons, free samples and reviewing of things full force. I am going to be changing the lifestyle that I live real soon and so I have decided to get into these things more and share where others can get into them too.

I am one of those that like to  plan ahead for the meals and so forth and like to get deals when the sales come out weekly. So I figure if I start using the coupons more that can save me not only more money but more time as well!

I like the sites that offer free coupons sent to your inbox daily or weekly or whatever or reminders of new offers coming out. I love the fact that it saves me time rather then going to each of the sites which can be time consuming! They send emails and then if I'm interested  I can just go to the site and get it etc.

I love reading the paper at least for a few minutes usually on Sundays. Isn't it crazy how times have changed from getting the  paper in every morning and bringing it in and reading it with a morning cup of coffee to now when its mostly all digital! I think that its kinda sad how things are changing so rapidly that newspapers are going to become a thing of the past in the upcoming years.

I found this and thought that it would help a lot of us out, to know what is coming up in the papers as far as coupons would be great then we would know which ones to            get and which ones to leave alone etc.



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