Summer Blog Challenge - Day 23 - Favorite Blog Post you've written before this challenge.

Favorite blog post before the challenge that I have blogged was the one about the goals that I wanted to do this year. I can’t seem to find it!! That’s what I get for writing nearly 300 blogs so far this year!! Goodness!! LOL but I absolutely love it!
So here is what I remember …my goals…
Live life to the fullest and be happy, if your not happy change it to where you are! I changed for the better and I am happy now.
Goal of starting college in pursuit of getting my Real Estate license which I am doing right now.
Getting a newer vehicle for the family, which is now done! I got it last Friday!! WOOHOO!
Marriage…hmm well after 17 years of being in an upside down marriage and going through everything that you can possibly imagine, I have made the decision to end it, yes it will be hard but I am up for the challenge of being a single mom to 4 teens!
This year has pretty much been about me…getting myself together, doing more for me, concentrating on my work, my career and getting myself things.
Yes that is selfish and yes I admit it but for all the years of my life, I have done for my kids and husband and now that the marriage is done and now that my kids are teens and they don’t need me 24/7s I am doing for me.
I am getting myself contacts this fall hopefully.
And one of the goals was to move into a bigger/better house which I did that at the beginning of Feb.
I have done most of them or at least in the process of them.
Oh and travel more, take road trips out of the blue just because…