Getting blog dare and summer challenge caught up TODAY!!

Getting caught up on my blogs…I need to get caught up! Yes I said this the other day and did a few but didn’t finish them. So I am very much determined now more than ever to get completely caught up!! After all its fixing to be a new month right around the corner!! I can’t believe it but its true!! July is almost here!!
So I have to get on the ball and do it no matter what!!

I have college to do, training classes for work starting on the 9th, trip on the weekend of the 14th and other things going on in the upcoming month but I am determined more then ever to do what I want too and keep going in a positive way. I have changed so much and have met so many of my goals already this year that I am bound and determined to do such a simple one as  keep up with my blog challenge for the year and the summer one that I am participating in…I love blogging and need to get back into doing it daily and not putting it off until later because then it becomes later and later becomes tomorrow and tomorrow becomes later all over again!!

So wish me luck as I am bound to getting up to date with my blog challenges and dares today!! Yes TODAY! Lol have a great one everyone!! And thank you for all the comments and to all my followers, thank you appreciate it and if you don’t see me following you and your following me, please let me know and I will follow you as well J Have a great one!! One more day til the weekend!! WOOHOO!


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