Blog Dare - Day 16 - In ten years...

In ten years I have grown into a better and bolder person, wife and mom. I don't put up with a lot of BS that I used to think that I just had to because that's what people did or was supposed to do. I have grown and found myself in a way that I didn't know existed. 

In ten years I became a full time stay at home mom of four teens and work at home mom. I have dealt with the BS that marriage has in store for me and I have dealt with a ton of drama that my family has dealt to me. I have stood up for myself and my kids and put my foot down to more then just a handful of people. I have stopped thinking that I have to deal with all the BS drama that family starts and I have put a stop to it!

I have shown my children that are now teenagers that you have a voice, use it and don't let people even if its family step on you!!

In ten years I have had a ton of thoughts and things going on and this year I feel that I have come to some conclusions that have needed to be made sooner.