Without Electricity for 15 hours!!

Good grief it is so crazy how things happen. We were doing fine last night, the wind had been blowing a little, not a whole lot and there wasn't any rain or anything like that and no severe warnings or anything but a lot of wind and sure enough it made the electricity blink a couple of times right after each other and then it went out and didn't come back on until 3:30ish today!
And to top it off, the lady on one side of us called in 2 times to report the outage and the neighbor on the other side of us called in 4 times and I called in 3 times and then it turns out that the trucks came down the street to put up another wire that had gotten knocked down and we got a call asking if we had electricity and we said no and then the trucks came here at our corner and replaced the wire and when that didn't work they went somewhere else to fix it and then it came on. But the guys didn't even know that we were without since midnight or so last night!! That sucks! But thank goodness were nice and cool as we can be now in this 100 degree lovely Oklahoma weather. It wasn't that bad last night sleeping in here it was reasonably comfortable for the most part thank goodness. So anyway its all good now but it sucked because I missed work and had things to do today and food in the fridge and freezer thawing out.
On the good side of things, we called my mom and she called dominos for us and ordered us 3 large pizzas since we couldn't cook anything and we very much appreciated that!


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