Its hard to believe its the last day of April already!

I haven't blogged in awhile and finally realized that I need to start taking time out again to just sit here and blog. I have been stressed out lately about different things and its been nothing short of chaotic around here.
We got our front loading washer and dryer set a week ago. Will blog about that and show pictures soon. I took pics the day that we got them just didn't post them yet. And hubby got a laptop for his early bday since its at the end of May.
My kids are growing up way too fast and with the birth of my grandson, its made me realize that life is flying by at a rapid speed. I wish that it would slow down but what can you do?
I took my daughter out today and we had 2-3 hours of mother daughter time just out running around and spending time together and finding some great deal along the way. We went to Goodwill and she found a couple of things (she got so spoiled today I can't remember what she got where!) I just know that she got a ton of stuff! She got a little lamp one of the ones that you can bend down, reading lamp for her desk so that she can sit there better doing her homework or whatever, she got a beautiful pink necklace with matching earrings for $4, I wore the earrings for a little while since she doesn't have her ears pierced yet but has made is clear that she wants them pierced soon. She got a few other odds and end things too. A mirror for her to put her makeup on with, a notebook (like mother like daughter) and a few other things..oh yea and a DVD but I can't remember the name of of the ones with Dakota Fanning in it so I know that it has to be good. And I found America's Sweethearts DVD for $2 so that made my day.
Then we came home and I printed out a coupon that I forgot to before we left for $1 off of the Walgreens Turtles that I absolutely love and they were on sale 2/$6 and with the coupon only $5 and it was the big boxes!! So I was extremely happy about that. And got a chocolate bunny for $1, gotta love the Easter candy sales.
Walmart had 2 aisles of left over Easter stuff!! I figured that they would since I thought from the beginning that they went slightly overboard with it all!
Then we went and got an m and m sonic blast! Yummy!! came home, had a headache so laid down on the couch and watched a lifetime movie that was pretty good. I didn't catch the name of it but caught it from the beginning and it was really good.
Oh and at Walmart we got the baby a new outfit, socks and a bib, couldn't resist!
Hubby came home and we got back out and went and got pizza, dropped it off at home and then went and got a coffee maker and a sandwich maker thing that I have wanted but never got.
Then we came back home and I am so exhausted and ready to stay in for awhile. Going back out later on tonight to grab a few things for the week to eat and that's it.. Will catch up on the laundry and things tomorrow since today was a nice day for the most part.