GA Bill an outrage to prosecute mother that have miscarriages!!!

I really just don't understand how the hell this thing could of made it past someone's mind!! I don't know how they could of even of though of it? How outrageous to put something like this out there to where pregnant women already have tons of things to worry about but now they have this to worry about on top of everything else??!! Its insane!

This was on MSNBC here is the link 

Go there and listen to it!!! I can't believe that they are actually being serious about this???!!! Its something that is out of our hands. Its something that happens that no one understands why and these idiots are wanting to blame the women??? And put them away??!! Then you tell me WHAT good that will do to have a mother that has just had a miscarriage and to put them through all the stress of charges and such and then to put them in jail/prison. What the hell good is that going to do for them and their families and friends??? Yea that's really what this damn country really needs to be worrying about when there are stories out there about people adopting kids and then beating them, tying them up and starving them and eventually killing them and were worried about a miscarriage that is unexplained!! Yea we have our freaking priorities in order don't we??!!! Ridiculous doesn't even begin to explain this!!