First day of snow in 2011!

So today its snowing for the first time in 2011. I swear I don't think that we ever had this kind of weather on the other side of the state where we moved from!! I love it here though. Been here a year and a half or so and so far this is the 3rd or 4th time I think that we've had snow compared to maybe once in the past 15 years on the other side of the state!! LOL quite a little difference over here. And of course since were closer to TX they always seem to get what we get or vice versa.

I would of taken pictures but my stupid cam quit on me. Its just showing a black screen no matter where I point it, so I guess that means I am buying me a new cam this year too!! So now thats three camera's I'm buying!! LOL I am going to be a camera buying fool here in a few weeks. Belinda one for her to take tons of pics of that beautiful  baby boy she's going to have in April and one of my best friends one as a Birthday/Christmas gift since he didn't get one for Christmas like he wanted and then me one now since mine said good bye!!

Not to sure what kind to get...I know that one of my friends has a kick butt Canon Rebel but she spent like freaking $700 on it!!! And I like the one that Ashton Kutcher advertises so I was thinking one of those..we will see.

Have a great day everyone.