Exactly 4 weeks until Valentines day and our 14th wedding anniversary

Well, I had wrote a LONG blog and did the copy thing, then I clicked post and went on and did something else and hit copy on it and now the blog is gone!! DANG IT!

So anyway all I had wrote about was rambling on about how Valentines and our 14th wedding anniversary is exactly 4 weeks from today. And how it is on a Saturday and we will be here with the kids that day, that I am hoping that me and hubby get to go out the day before on Friday and do something special even if its just going out to eat and enjoying an hour of just us.

I can't believe that its fixing to be 14 years that we have been married!! It doesn't seem like its been that long. I don't know sometimes how we have made it this long!! We have had our ups and downs, thats for sure.

We went to the jp and got married on the morning of the 14th of Feb back in 1995..my goodness its unbelievable!! We don't even have a picture of us that day. I can remember that I was getting ready at my grandmother's house, I had a nice pair of tight jeans on and a nice shirt and he was in jeans and a nice shirt. I had contact back then..oh how I LOVE and MISS my contacts!! I want them back but that is on the bottom of the list of things that we all need first.

Anyway, I want to at least be able to do something with hubby just me and him for an hour at least even if we have to on Friday. I would love to get a ring that I saw at wally world for $100 or so but not to sure that I will be doing that when we want to move and get other things to.

I think that me and hubby have done ok during the years. We had a rough first few years. But now were in the habit of things and I think that were getting better with each other. Yea hes still a jerk and pester  butt, but really what man isn't? I can think of a couple and thats about it.

Anyway, since we have moved here and been living here for nearly 2 years in April, Leon has been the housedad and the one that cooks and cleans and get the kids up in the morning for school and I have been the one that is making the money. I think that he likes the role switch. But once we get moved, hes going out and getting a part time job and I will continue my working at home and him doing his plasma and we should be good to go this year. I just want my moms van so that we will have a reliable vehicle and can get out and go when we need to.

I want to be able to go visit my uncle since he doesn't have to long. But I want to be the one to go and see him and be able to get up and leave when I feel like it. I don't like it when my family comes to visit, I feel like they just want to come and butt in and thats about it. They don't care about seeing the kids and visiting with them, they just come to butt in and see whats going on and ask questions and things and I just don't like that.

If there is something going on in this house that we want them to know then we will share it and if not then thats none of there business. they need to find another hobby besides pestering us!

So anyway I don't remember all of what I wrote earlier, I do remember saying that we didn't have pics of me and hubby on our wedding day and I would like some so we might go to wally world photo place and get one made with me and him and maybe even one with me hubby and kids we haven't ever done that before. It would be a nice thing to do before the kids get grown up and move out and I will be making Jared to, I mentioned it the other night and hes like not with me ..ugh that child. He thinks since hes nearly 16 and over 6ft tall that he can just say no to something wth the family and I will leave it alone but no not with the picture, I want us ALL in it!! KIDS or should I say TEENS!

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone..hugs


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