TGIF its a good day

Good afternoon everyone. Today is a good day, so far. I called the Ikobo this morning and they had the tracking number...yay number 1 and then after I got off of the phone, I went to and put in the tracking number and its on the truck for delivery!!! Yay number 2!!! So that means that I get the card today, withdraw the money and can go pay the water. YES! Then tomorrow morning me and Jesse are having a mother daughter outing and were hopping on the bus, going to Staples, Dollar Tree and then Starbucks for our cold iced tea that we haven't had in a very very long time. So things are looking up and were doing good. Thank goodness!! Oh and we will be going to Wally world to get a money order and send it out and then come home. We will have fun and I can't wait. Hugs..have a great Friday everyone. Oh and I almost forgot, I got hired for another job, writing articles 3-10 of them a day for $2 each but hey if I do the 10 then that's $20 a day!! Which is $140 a week if I wrote 7 days a week!! So that's pretty good. Even if I made $50 a week that's good b/c that's a phone bill and then any other money would be extra and this guy pays weekly..yay I love that. And I ordered my prepaid cards so I should be getting them any day and then put that on paypal good Lord and then get that back up and running again. Then I can withdraw the now $60 out of there and put it in my bank acct or I can spend it online on ebay looking for the kids school shoes and clothes. I found some really cute shoes for them at payless shoes but I don't know if they still have them since it was a while back when I saw them, we will see. Its freaking HOT out today!! YIKES it needs to cool down and soon!! Ok now I'm done rattling on..have a great Friday everyone..fixing to go Cha-Cha remember if you have a question and need an answer text us 242 242 and we will answer you ASAP. Its free, just the standard text messaging costs for your cell or if you have unlimited or whatever text then its free. Hugs


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