NICK SHELEY- WANTED Be aware of this NUT!!!

I just wanted to say first and foremost, I didn't write this, this is what one of my friend Steph cameup with and did research on. She got the info and wrote all or some of it and was doing research on google for it..not me. Ok with that being said..BE AWARE of this NUT!!!!

He is most definitely on drugs. The reason he killed the 93 yr old man was for money for his drugs. After that it went out of control and he started on a killing spree. I just did some researching on him. He's got a very long history of being a drug addict and an alcoholic. Several convictions from his past link to his drug abuse and support of it. He and his wife, Holly, both are addicts. She has a history of drug charges as well, including 2 felony convictions. They have two children, one who is 3 year old Nicholas Jr, and 2 yr old Faith. He is also father to two more children ages 9 and 11. The man has been battling addiction for quite some time, and during his sober times - he was a saint, providing services such as free roofs and other construction services free of charge on homes of the needy near a church he was attending and getting counseling at. Apparently, if he wasn't able to finish the jobs of those homes, he paid other people to finish it for him. It's a bitter sweet situation. Very much a shame to lose a potentially good person to the evil of drugs. The man is clearly suffering from severe mental conflicts that have been done by his habitual drug use. In other words - mentally, he is not present. Which means he might, very possibly, not get the death penalty if he please insanity - that is IF he is taken alive. I've read rumors of a shoot to kill order, but nothing that flat out confirms that. His reported kill count is up to 5, but rumored to be 8. Three are unaccounted for as of this moment. These people are reported to be two males in their 20's, one female in her 20's, one child either age 2 or age 4 (gender unknown), and the 93 yr old man. Russel Reed was a married gay man who was very wealthy. I got that from the step-grand-daughter of Russel Reed. So money is more than likely the reason for Nick killing him.

As for the people in the apartment who were found dead: It is not known if the people that I read about are the same ones that were found in an apartment complex. I do know this much though, either the age of the woman reportedly killed (my guess would be by gunshot and I will explain why later) in the apartment is either wrong, or it's not his wife (Holly) that was killed. Why? Because the victim in the apartment is reportedly a female in her 20's. Holly is 30. If they made a mistake and assumed her to be in her 20's and it is Holly, then the police out there are REALLY REALLY STUPID. Because you don't release the WIFE of a killer back into the public WITHOUT protecting her. She's obviously the first person on the killer's list to contact and either use as a hostage, kill, or use as aid. So I am entirely not sure if the wife is the one from the apartment, but I find that hard to believe. However, if Nick did kill her and a 2 yr old, which would have to be his daughter, Faith - then where is his 3 yr old son, Nick Jr.? The apartment address is: 1201 Avenue A apartment 5 Rock Falls, Il. None of this is considered FACT yet, as details are still very messed up via news papers who are reporting very foggy details, but it's what I've been able to piece together after lots of reading and researching.

The reason I think gunshot wound is what the people in the apartment died of is because this happened in the day time - which means it's unlikely they were all sleeping, there were three of them against one (the fourth on being a child), and he had/has a gun in his possession. So using this knowledge, it's logical to assume they were shot. Now, why didn't neighbors hear the shots? They were discovered via a welfare check up call placed. Now here's where I get really confused. The local papers in that area report that the call was placed by the father in law of the woman who was married to Nick - but is this his CURRENT wife or his ex-wife? If it's his current wife, then as I said before, the police are incredibly stupid out there for releasing Holly and NOT watching her like a hawk and again ... where is that 3 year old little boy of his?? It is also rumored that another young man was recently murdered for his vehicle. Sheley was reportedly spotted on star rd which heads towards Prophetstown and then somewhere in. However police believe he may now be in St. Louis which doesn't make a lot of sense if he is aware there is a warrant for his arrest in St. Louis. But then again, he did hang out in that area of Illinois knowing he is wanted big time. So if he's that strung out and off his rocker, then it's not surprising if he is headed to where he is wanted. He's either aware, and doesn't care, or unaware of the warrant.

His weapons are being supplied through home invasions. He's stolen cash, vehicles and weapons to aid himself in his run. Nick is 5 foot and 11 inches tall, 150/165 lbs, brown/blond hair, and green eyes with a tattoo of a cross on his left arm. His bond is currently set at $750,000 if he is caught and detained. And if anyone wondered how serious this is, let me put it this way - it might not be on national news just yet, but it will be because Nick Sheley is ranked at 26 for the MOST GOOGLED name in the last 24 hours. Let me put it another way ... the word fireworks is ranked 76 for most Googled word in 24 hours.

This is all I can find for the time being.

Image of him and his wife:


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