Got a ? you need answered? Text CHACHA

I am a CHACHA Guide and we want you to send in your ?'s thru your cell texting us to CHACHA (242242) it just costs whatever your cell carrier charges for your text messages or if your like me and have a certain amount of texts per month then you should be covered. Anyway, just text us your ?, any ?, descent ?, to 242 242 and we will get it answered for ya. We have a contest going on and you could win an iphone 3G so be sure to text your ?s to 242 242 today!! We are 24/7 so anytime you think of something ask...need a phone number to a restraunt..text us..need to know who was the 20th president? Text us..we will find the answer for you!! Interested in being a ChaCha Guide?? Email me and put CHACHA in the subject and I will send you an invite. Have a good night/week


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