We are hiring 5 individuals on a contract basis to complete the following tasks:

1) Read and understand content on our website

2) Assist your contacts and member base to register to online program (Registration fee is $95 USD).

We will pay you a fee of $8000 USD to accomplish these tasks.

We are looking for network marketers who have connections to other business opportunity seekers - perhaps you have a large downline in a current program and you are willing to recruit members and promote our opportunity. We will pay per each 125 paid registered members for a total of 4 incremental payments of $2000 each.

You will also be paid $5,000 mth from our unique matrix.

Once you see our website and watch our overview video you will clearly see that we offer a high class business opportunity.

Serious inquiries only please. Reply to lisa@mlmburst.com and we will send you the website and video url.


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