Enjoy the long weekend

Good afternoon everyone. I have been working today basically non-stop on my sites trying to figure out what to take off and leave on and if the links/banners are working etc and signing up for a few more things and such. Now its times for a break.
Jesse has been on the phone like 4 times already today!! She called that little girl this morning and told her not today. The little girl kept saying why? Why not? Etc and then she said why can't you come over etc etc. Its not the fact that I don't want Jesse over there, its just the fact that I don't like the way that the parents did and the way that the little girl called last night at nearly 10 and said I just wanted to call and say I'm coming over to play tomorrow. If she wouldn't of said that there wouldn't be that big of an issue/problem. So shes in there chit chatting on the phone left and right today. Her and Jared fighting over the phone. Lol..she gets off and Jared's friend calls and he grabs the phone..its to funny! Guess shes growing up. I am buying a cordless phone soon!! So that she can go in her room and chit chat away!! Good LORD!
So since I have been working doing things all day I think that I'm fixing to go and play wow for a little while or maybe Sims have to wait and see which I'm in the mood for most. Last night I got in a pissy mood and went and played wow but played on the Horde side (the bad side basically) they are ugly creepy characters but fun to mess around with so I made me an undead warrior..shes ugly but fun to play. I might travel and play my night elf hunter. Shes only a 17. Or I might decide to go exploring with my 22 Rogue and kick some butt.
Anyway, I need to go and relax. I got a job offer to be in a chat room and get people in there and get the conversations going and keep them going so yea I might do that. Just waiting on more info from him. Doesn't pay that much at all. So we will see. I haven't heard from the other guy, the one where I'm supposed to be an assistant sorta doing lots of things for him and doing a trial week starting Monday and making $32/day ($160/week) I was excited about it. But for some reason I haven't heard from him since the other day and he was supposed to of been sending me my email login and such. So we will see if he gets off his duff and sends me the information like he's supposed to. Haven't heard from him since hmm Thursday afternoon I think. Hes 13 hours ahead of me. And he wanted me to start Monday...hmm well he better get his butt in gear or that's gonna make me not want to deal with him! I know that hes a busy man but you don't juts hire someone, tell them ok were going to do this, this and this and then not write them back. I might write the guy that is supposed to actually be over me.
So later on I will be adding more links and banners to my pages. My blogger mostly and my other work at home site. I might add things to my cafe mom to. And maybe Multiply.
Hope that you each have a great and safe weekend..hugs
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