May 18, 2012

Playing the Mega Millions lotto tonight...

I am actually playing the lotto tonight! I thought what the heck and bought 5 rows of the numbers and decided to try for it!! Who knows..
I know that the winning is 25 million I think or something around that..Heck I would be happy with even half of that! I would give some to my best friends and charities and then do what I need to do with the rest which would be put money in an account for each of my kids to go to college, then I would start looking for a house..big decision..I don't know if I would want to live here in this town or up and move to another town..I don't want to spend a ton on a house though..I just want a nice house with rooms for each of my kids like we have now but an extra couple of rooms for my office and another one for a guest room or something. Definitely buy a newer vehicle not a brand new one probably unless its really good on gas. I don't want to blow it all on stuff I want to get what we need and some of what we want but just like the house I am not all about going out and buying a million dollar home. I think that I would prefer a $100,000-200,000 house depending on where we live.
I would definitely share and give to charities like the cancer and diabetes ones, those two are close to my heart since I have had family members die from cancer and loved ones that have diabetes and close friends that have it too.
Earlier when I bought the ticket, Leon is like why would you give it all away and then that wouldn't leave us with very much and I looked at him and said because I would rather give most of it away to those that have helped me out before and to ones that can use the money like the charities on good things rather then be selfish and go and blow it all on me and the kids! He didn't like that but oh flipping well!
I would take a trip to other countries like Greece, Italy and London and England. I would love to venture out and about and take tons and tons of pics that would be a blast and especially with my kids and or best friends. I would love to share with my best friends, they each deserve to get out and relax.
Have a great night/weekend everyone.

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