Feb 15, 2012

Blog Dare - Day 15 - Ten years ago

Ten years ago was back in 2002. I was in college then and starting to get my career what I thought would be my final choice in a career going but that didn't happen. Back then it was Medical Transcription and today its customer service and Real Estate.

Ten years ago I was living in Texas. Ten years ago I didn't have four teenagers! Ten years ago me and my husband was yet again going through some rough times and one of the main reasons was because he had taken an overnight job, which didn't work when you had four children that were very active and him trying to sleep during the days wasn't working out.

Ten years ago is when I started looking into online work from home and was looking more into my business and getting things together to really become a real work at home mom and not just one that wanted to be, a real one.

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