Jan 12, 2012

Blog Dare - Day 12 - A vacation that I hope to take this year (Chocolate Bay)

Blog Dare - Day 12 - A vacation that I hope to take this year
I would absolutely love to take a trip to one of the zoo's either the OK City one or the Dallas one, other then that I would love to take the kids on a vacation to the ocean. I think that would be awesome to see. I have been to one but that was when I was a teen or younger so don't really remember too much about it so I would love to go there...I believe that is a little place called Chocolate Bay if I remember right and I am dying to go there! I think that was the name of it..I need to get my newer better vehicle first and foremost and then yes I will be taking a trip there with all the kids and taking tons of pics :) and making lots of great memories and hopefully even though they are rotten teens, they will appreciate it. We will see...not too sure when we will go.. I was wanting to do something during spring break which is around my birthday and when they are out of school so might do it then..not sure..will have to see...Might start planning now. 

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