Jan 11, 2012

Blog Dare - Day 11 - If my parents had ever found out...

Blog Dare - Day 11 - If my parents had ever found out...
Hmm ok well this is an interesting one..lets see...if my parents had ever found out that I skipped school and hung out at the house all day there would of been heck to pay!
I skipped school a few times and one of the times there was 4 of us and we were gutsy, 2 boys and 2 girls..we were all best friends and paired and dating..well one of the guys came up with the idea of exchanging the girls and so we did and went and had fun..we just goofed off and then went to the fields away from my house by some apartments and had a blast just goofing off but if they would of known yea that would of spelt trouble with a capital T!! It was a complete blast and I would do it again in a heartbeat!!
Then there was the time that one of my boyfriends was in my house and my mom came in from work earlier then expected and she never knew! lol..She went to the bathroom to get out of her work clothes and he went out the back door and gone before she came out! Bad girl I was then!! 

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