Mar 12, 2011

To all of my blog followers and my twitter followers

Thank you so much for choosing to follow me. I appreciate each of you following me on here and or on twitter too. I love blogging and have been doing it a lot on a regular basis here lately again. I had taken a break from it and came right back to it. My regret is that I wish that I wouldn’t of wasted my time (somewhat) on myspace blogging on there when I could have been doing all of my blogging right here the whole time…hmm oh well live and learn.

I will follow you back if I know that your following me. Every time that I get a message saying I have someone new following me on twitter I go there and follow them back. So if your following me and I’m not following you back, let me know, leave me a comment and I will follow you back.

thank you so much and have a great day

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