Feb 16, 2011

Could Eating Bugs Help Slow Climate Change?

So I was doing my clicking for today, I went to thehungersite.com and then to care2.com and as I was done with the clicking there is always a daily action in which you can do too. I went there and that was the title of it today... Could Eating Bugs Help Slow Climate Change?
My first reaction was Yuck!! And ewe!! I don't think that I would or could do that. I know that they are probably right when they say that it could help the environment and such and that other countries are doing this etc etc but I don't think that there is any way that I would be able to deal with eating bugs  instead of something like hamburgers or pizza or anything else that I am use to eating...just wouldn't be the same. And I'm not saying that I am "too good" to do it...just the thought of it makes me want to get sick. I have a weak stomach as it is.
So what is your thoughts on this? Interested or repulsed like me! 


  1. I think eating bugs is a great way for poor people to get the nutrition they need. I'll continue pounding my Porterhouse steaks thank you very much. But if you want to eat bugs, hey knock yourself out.

  2. LOL....ok, yea I agree if the poor people mostly in other countries, not our own here in the US, want to eat bugs and get the nutrition that they need, good luck to them! its not for me..those just aren't the things that I want to be putting anywhere near my mouth! Ick...reminds me of Fear Factor!! Gross!! And you go right ahead and enjoy your Porterhouse steaks :)


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