Feb 17, 2011

Busy but productive day

Today I got some work done, probably not as much as I could of or should of but a lot. It doesn't help that the boss jumps from this task to the next one and then gives a list of things and then jumps back to the 3rd one on the list and then jumps back and forth all over the place so yea a few things got left out but will get them done tomorrow. Its a stressful job, of course probably anyone that is in the real estate field will tell you its a stressful job no matter what position your in...real estate is just stressful period! Dealing with banks, clients, and everyone else...
I got things done, kids came home, made supper, ate, watched TV and relaxed while eating. Watched Don't Forget the Lyrics  Love that show!! Then I made the mistake of turning it on HLN and watching a little of Issues with Jane Velez Mitchell and don't get me wrong..I love her!! She's great...its just I made the mistake of listening to all the heart breaking stories that are currently going on. Its upsetting to hear about the stories and to know that things could of been prevented was wasn't because someone somewhere wasn't doing their job!! Whether it was because they were lazy or overworked and underpaid and just didn't care or whatever the reasons, it could of been avoided. Story that comes to mind when I say this is the one about the dad and the son that was found in a truck with fumes of acid coming out of it and a dead 10 year old twin girl in a bag in the back of the truck!!! And the dad was the "adoptive" parent and Jane said that the biological aunt and uncle had been fighting for awhile and had a lawyer to get custody of the kids but for some reason the judge wasn't allowing it and then to top it off the "adoptive parents" was tying up the kids and the little girl was made to stay in the bath tub???? And was tied up with duct tape and only undone to eat??!!! How freaking outrageous is that???? And last week Thursday I believe there was an investigator that went to the house and then another one on Saturday or so but he/she didn't go in the house and see the twins!!!! What the hell???!!!! If I was either one of the investigators I would feel horrible and honestly would feel that I let the kids down by not doing my damn job and goign in there and making sure that everything was alright!!! I thought that when you call in an abuse hotline or something like that that they were supposed to actually go and check it out and do something???? Guess not and this was in Florida and then the idiot mom that shot both of her teens for being mouthy and killed the 2 of them for freaking being mouthy was in Florida too!!!! What the hell is going on with that???? Just disturbing and freaking sickening if you ask me!!!! 

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