Jan 9, 2011

Venting!! Stupid men!!

So Leon comes home, looks on the computer and see's that I downloaded a game for Sean to play. He doesn't like it, thinks its stupid. Sean comes running to me telling me that Leon is telling him that its stupid etc etc. I go in there and tell him to not play it then and to just deal with it, ignore it whatever just hush and leave it alone because I looked at the reviews and the videos and Sean liked it and I thought it was a good one so I allowed it to be downloaded on the "family" computer. Leon says ok whatever to me. I come back in here to do whatever I was doing and then it gets quiet in there, yea should of known something was up when he was quiet. He's in there showing Sean freaking videos of PWI (Perfect World International) its a pretty good game too, I play it now and again when I need to beat something up lol..like I am getting the feeling to do right now! Sean comes in here and says can we delete the other game and put Perfect World on it and I said I guess but why? And he said because daddy showed me videos about it and told me that its good etc etc Then Leon comes in here and says no were not deleting the other game thats the one that he wanted on it. OMG you idiot then WHY are you showing him another cool game? Why do you have to pester like that??? WHY do you have to be so damn rude to my son?! Why couldn't he just shut the hell up and go to bed or shut up and drop the game issue damn, Sean doesn't get on the computer that much except maybe a couple of hours on the weekend and thats the only reason I downloaded it today...STUPID CRAP!
I am just so freaking tired of it!!!

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