Jul 14, 2008

Ask Lisa - advice column

Good afternoon everyone. I would like you all to email me and ask me questions about working at home, parenting, world issues, politics etc. I want to start an advice column. I want to gear it towards mostly working at home/stay at home parents and parenting. But if you have any other questions you want to ask, go for it. email me at Lisa2900@gmail.com
I am wanting to see how this goes so send in your questions and I will write you back asap. Also please let me know if its ok to share you ? and my response (I won't put names) So if you have a ? go for it!! Ask away, you can even text me at 580 583 1385 and I will reply back to you. Let me know what your problem is and I will give you some advice and you can let me know what you think of my advice.
I love to write and I want to get my two cents worth out there!! So help me out to get an advice column going. Have a great day everyone.

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