Jun 30, 2011

Last day/evening of June 2011 good ridden's!

Wow this month has flown by, kind of glad that it did..so much coming up in July for us, Leon's college on the 5th and my training on the 11th and then they might try to get me into the Fall semester hopefully because I don't think that I will be ready by Tuesday for the Summer 2 semester! I applied for the same college as hubby so were both going to be Tiffin University Dragons I'm buying us our t-shirts tomorrow and then hubby is getting a hat too since he loves his hats and I'm getting shorts.. Were going to be all decked out in Tiffin Dragons wear  love it!
We lost our kitty Cupcake yesterday to someone that was racing down the street and hit her and kept on going the jerks!! And then this evening, not even an hour or so ago, we lost Little Bear (black calico kitten) I think that the heat just got the better of her. She was fighting so hard since she was born she had a rough start and then she got skinny and with this freaking 100+ degree weather for the past 2 weeks or so in a row it just sucks because she was such a pretty baby and a good girl...breaks my heart!! Will post pics of cupcake and little bear...

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