Turned $50 of free play into 5 times that!!

So I decided what the heck since I got a card in the mail that said come in today and trade your players card for a new upgraded card and get $40 free play! But it said this time to do it only on Fri/Sat from 2-10pm which was good for me because last time I missed out on the $25 free play because I went in and got my card on a day when they wouldn't do the free play it was like Sun-Wed or something...anyway it turned out for the best that I waited
So I went up there around 2:30ish or so and got my free $40, well I went to play a wheel of fortune game that I like and my card said that I had $45 on it (I always get a $5 free play once per week) and then come to find out my card had reached 500 points so that turned into $5 so I had a total of $50 free play!! I didn't spend any of my money!! Woohoo!!
So I went to the wheel of fortune played $5 of the free play and won $10-15 cashed out and went to another game and put another $5 of free play on it and won a little more and cashed out and went to a few games and did that put only $5 or for 1 game I put in $10 and won $60! I won $100 on the big wheel of fortune game where the big huge wheel spins around and I got $100 and then I got the spin again and got like $8 On one of the games that I like to play I spent $1.50  per spin which was the max one and which was the one that I put the $10 of free play on it But I won over $100 on it!!! By the time I walked out...I had $250!!! I spent about 20 of the money that I had won and played a little didn't do that great and left with $250!!! Not to shabby if I do say so myself!! Awesome day had fun there and the best part lol...hubby was at work so I didn't have to share! Ha!! lol..so I came home and went out and got something to eat at mcDonalds and then dropped the kids off and took my oldest out to gamestop and Arby's and then back home. Did pretty good!!