May 8, 2011

Homeless man banned from Dollar won't ever guess why!!

I can't believe this...really I find it nutty but whatever its Leon works at a Dollar General here in town, he was telling me that a cop came into the store earlier tonight and told him that a homeless man here in town is now banned from all Dollar Generals and show him the picture of him so that if he ever sees him, to call the cops is the kicker of why the man is ready for it....
Because the man steals from Dollar General..uh huh steals...ok well that's not the kicker...the kicker is what the heck he ready for this???
Hand sanitizer!!! Yep you got it...freaking Hand Sanitizer and why you ask would a homeless man steal Hand sanitizer out of everything in the store...not food, not something to eat...nope HAND SANITIZER...because you ready for this.....its 99.9% ALCOHOL!!!!!!!!
Yea the cop brought 2 bottles up there and showed Leon and said its because he is drinking the bottles of hand sanitizer and getting DRUNK off of them!!!!!!!! Really???? Yea really!!!
The cop went on to tell him that he went to the place where he is living and they found over 400 bottles of the DG brand of hand sanitizer!!! OMG and the man was just at the store outside of it last night Leon said begging for money, Drunk!!
OMG is that not just sad and ridiculous really??? I couldn't believe it! Its true but it took a few minutes to sink in b/c its hard for me to really think that a person would go that far to stealing freaking hand sanitizer to get drunk!!! Awful ridiculous, sad and pathetic but I guess when you have issues and things going on..I guess you do crazy things like that?! I don't know but dang that just floored me!

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