Bus driver driving drunk w/ kids on bus not charged!!!

This is some thing that I saw on HLN earlier today and am pissed off about it!!! So this bus driver (didn't catch where here in the US) was driving drunk 3 times the alcohol limit with kids on board the bus!!! He/She doesn't get pulled over/busted for about a week!!!! And better yet (being very sarcastic) the driver isn't charged b/c of no evidence or likely there of evidence or some BS like that someone said on HLN earlier!!!! EXCUSE ME?!!!! The driver has the nerve of not only putting innocent children's lives in danger from being an absolute IDIOT and drinking on the job but with KIDS on board and then doesn't get busted for about a week and then NOT CHARGED??? OMG they better of fired that person or else people have some SERIOUS ISSUES!!!!!!! If I would of found out that MY child was on the bus of a person who was freaking drinking 3 times the legal amount of alcohol I would so be suing that person!!!!!!! Thank goodness that nothing extremely bad happened but it very well could of!!!!!!!!!