Apr 19, 2009

Changing layout

I like this one to but you can't read it to good sometimes on certain words, its to little. Now if I do it this big, its all right.
Well I just got done watching Amazing Race, I liked it. I can't believe that, that one girl called that deaf boy the "B" word!! There was no since in that. That is just ridiculous. Anyway, I liked the show, enjoyed watching it. I am rooting for the brother and sister and for the mom and the son.
After the show I switched it over to LMN Lifetime one of them had the Natalee Holloway story on it and I have been waiting awhile for that movie to come on, so I flipped it on over there, swore that it said it was coming on at 8, but apparently I was wrong because I saw the 2nd hour of it and that was it. I feel for that mom so much. Then the movie that came on after that was called A Little Girl Lost and the mom believed that her daughter was out there. Believed had faith and hope and never gave up and by the Grace of God she found her and proved to everyone that it was her daughter and that she wasn't crazy! It was a happy ending and I am so glad that it was and that was a true story to. Inspirational good story. I wish that there was more of those kinds of movies and stories out there then the bad ones.
So now I am on here and looking up stuff and getting caught up with a few things and I got a text from my super so I will be working later tomorrow then I thought so that's good, I will have my morning for the meeting cleared so I don't have to rush. So that helped.
Then I get on here to log into myspace messenger and it won't let me log in, says theres an error. So I got to the main page to log in and it won't let me log in there either..so I don't know what the deal is..I don't ever remember it giving me this much crap but it is tonight. Fixing to try again..ugh!
So I decided to get on here on blogger and blog because I needed to blog and don't really care where I post it as long as I do. So that's what I'm doing now and I can't make up my mind on the layout so its yet again changed..lol what a night!
Have a great upcoming week everyone.

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