Jun 5, 2008

Some great FREE ways to make money at home

Good day everyone. I wanted to share some ways, most importantly some FREE ways to make some extra cash on the net. I looked for a long time before I found some legitimate ones. It just depends on what kinds of things that you like to do. Do you like doing surveys? Do you like clicking on ads and getting paid for them? Do you like blogging? That is one of my favorite things is the blogging. What other things do you like to do? Do you have a paypal account? Do you like shopping? Do you like selling things on Ebay? Do you like telemarketing? Do you like placing ads? You can do all of them, just have to be organized and you can make a good chunk of money for a week or even the month depending on how much you want to do these things.

If your interested in selling on Ebay let me know. I am working with a great company. What happens is I list the products to sale on Ebay. They tell me how many days and what price they are saling it for and how much they charge for the shipping, then I go and list it on Ebay. I get to keep the difference of the cost of what they sell it for and what it actually sold for on Ebay. Its free to start with us selling. AND the best thing is that, when I sell the item, the customer pays ME through paypal and then I contact the company, they send it to the customer, and the company sends me a tracking number to give to the customer and then once the product gets to the customer I then and only then send the company the money. So you don't have to worry about sending the company the money for it until AFTER the customer gets the item. If you would like to sell on Ebay, you need to have a paypal account and be verified. Then you send me an email to llsmith3000@hotmail.com and put something like Want to sell on Ebay in the subject or something like that and I will give you all the details to where you can start selling asap. Its easy and you can start right away. Just email me and I can get you started today!!

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