Prison Wives Unite

I am making this page and will be doing a number of blogs on this subject. I would love to get any advice/knowledge etc that you might have on this or maybe if you want to share your story etc.

Please stop by my Prison Wives Unite fanpage and show the love :)

I am new to this and need the support of getting through this, I know I will, been through a lot as everyone has I'm sure, but this being new to me I need support and I figured what a better way to get it than to start up a page/group about it and see where it takes me.

So please don't be shy, if you have anything you want to share or a story or a picture of you and your loved one etc. Knowledge, questions or anything, let me know, I will put it on my fanpage on facebook and see if we can build and support each other.

Here's my blog about my story

You can email me your stories, thoughts etc here

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  1. I think you're right - families of prisoners are forgotten and they are victims. They are negatively and hugely affected.


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