Jan 4, 2013

Another January Blog Challenge Day 4 - A list of your biggest pet peeves and why

Let's see...hmm....
1. No talking with your mouth full!!! That just drives me nutty not to mention rude and sounds disgusting! And the thing that gets me is that my teenagers have been raise to not do that and they are pretty good about not doing that but the crazy thing is, is that a 44 year old man still can't get it through his stubborn head that its gross!
2. If you have something to say, don't talk behind my back, say it to ME!! Don't go and call someone and talk about me and what you don't like what I do or don't do etc. And don't call someone in MY home and complain and gripe to them when I'm right here in the house!! Say it to ME!! People that talk about others and behind others backs I just don't understand that..if I have something to say I would rather tell that person then go and blab to others how I don't like what they did or didn't do etc. Have some respect and tell the actual person!
3. Fake people...people that act like they are happy and have all that and are the "perfect" so to speak family/life etc but in reality its not that great and they are in denial...so why act like you are all happy and living a life that you don't like.. I wasn't happy living the life that I have been living being married for 18 years coming this Feb and I am doing something about it, yes it took me that long to finally say hey I need to do something for ME and get out of this situation where I feel misserable! And what am I doing about it? I am getting a divorce!! Some might not agree with it and that's fine and some might not like it and that's fine and some will talk and say whatever and that's fine, until you live in my shoes don't judge.
4. Which brings me to the next one....Don't judge others until YOU have been in that situation you don't know what you would do or wouldn't do...I try not to judge others and just be there and understand how they are feeling etc and support them in whatever they feel is the right thing to do.

NaBloPoMo Day 4 - At what time of day do you feel the most energetic and productive?

I find that I am the most energetic and productive usually later on in the day...usually in the early evening around 4-6. And at night time around 9-10. Sometimes in the morning I have energy if I have something good to eat and my caffeine..and other days I just feel blah in the mornings and it takes me awhile to get up and get going.
And I find that it also depends on the temperature and how the weather is outside, like if its sunny then I'm in a better mood and more energetic and if its more cloudy and gloomy rainy etc outside then that seems to suck the energy out of me!

Jan 3, 2013

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NaBloPoMo day 3 - What is your favorite way to recharge when you feel drained of energy?

My favorite way to recharge is either taking a drive to a park and walking around and just relaxing in the nice outdoors or like now in the winter time, I take a nice hot bubble bath. I relax in the tub with my laptop in there playing one of my many playlists I have on Spotify and just relax...don't think about anything or think about little things..clear my head and or get my head straight helps me recharge when I feel that I am drained and can't concentrate on getting things done etc.

I absolutely can't wait for my ONE whole week to Italy!!!! I am going to SO be taking a bubble bath EVERY night!!! I am going in March for my 40th birthday and I will definitely be needing to recharge my energy there as we want to see a ton of things. Starting in Rome and then going to Venice and Florence :) That is a pic of a tub in one of the hotels that I'm looking into staying at...whichever one has the hugest tub I want!! LOL...

Blog Challenge - day 3 - The inspiration behind your blog name and the reason you began blogging?

Well I first got involved in blogging because my step-daughter introduced it to me on myspace about 7 years ago..hmm might of been longer..lost track of time, will have to look it up and see.

Anyway, she got me into it because she knew that I love to write my thoughts down. The name and where it came from..since the first time that I got online which was goodness 12 years ago or a little longer my first name/id that I came up with was Lisa_2900 well after awhile I got tired of the _ in between so I decided to just do the Lisa2900 and since then its stuck with me..I had this blog as just Lisa's blog but a few years ago..like 5 years or so a friend came up with an avatar/banner for me and she called me Queen of Random and that just kind of stuck with me and only about last year or so is when I finally redid my blog completely and put Queen of Random as my title.

I love my blog and I love my blog name. I am for sure the Queen of Random in more ways then one. 

I can jump from one thing to another in a matter of seconds!! LOL...I can be sitting here thinking about the holidays then teenagers and then work! So yea definitely living up to my name and I love blogging about anything and everything. I admit I am completely hooked on the Giveaways and doing the Reviews so I have been doing mostly those two things but I am doing the blog challenges this month (2 of them) and with those prompts and other things that I come across to blog about I should be able to keep this Queen of Random going so that its not only giveaways and reviews.

I love to blog about a few different things, not just one. Like my work, I can't just stick with one client, I need to have a variety of them. I stick with two fields *customer service & real estate* but other then that I need more of a variety of things and even with those two fields that I am working in, there are plenty of variety since those two fields go hand in hand!

Jan 2, 2013

January Blog Challenge day 2 - 5 blogging goals, and your plan to achieve them

For today's January Blog Challenge  for day 2, the topic is 5 blogging goals and my plan to achieve them.

Let's see....

1. Stay involved/active on my blog. Around the holidays I was MIA...I have been blogging for more then 7 years. I use to do just a personal blog but then started doing it to where I wanted to share things with others. I love my blog SO much, I have a shirt that says I heart blog or something like that .. lol I haven't worn it in awhile and forget exactly what it says..I've had it for years and have worn it out! It was on Rosie O'Donnell's site years ago and I had to have it :) I am determined to stay active no matter what I am doing and how busy or chaotic it gets around here I will stay more active. Even if that means scheduling posts...I will stay active and fresh :)

2. I absolutely am hooked on the Giveaways that are out there for the bloggers to get involved with. So another goal of mine is to keep adding more giveaways on my blog and stay active with them. I love them! I just started hmm, back in Sept or so with the Giveaways.

3. Visit more of my followers blogs and comment more. I appreciate my readers who stop by and enter the giveaways, read a blog, leave a comment .. any time anyone stops by here I appreciate it. How will I accomplish this...I am going to start keeping a log of followers and anyone that comments and go visit them and comment back to them.

4. Get my name out there more. I want to get my name out there so that people know oh I know that blog or oh I know that name etc. I want to get a great rep going. How will I accomplish this..by staying active and blogging about different things and sharing them on twitter etc.

5. Lets see...hmm, my 5th blogging goal...is to start adding more things like pics and music videos and such. I want my blog to pop and stay alive...I have found that I don't put that many pics up with the blogs and that they are just "plain jane" I want to add more color and pics and music and other things to my blog and make it more unique.

NaBloPoMo-Jan 2nd - Which daily tasks take up the most of your energy?

Today for the 2nd day of the NaBloPoMo, the topic/start is which daily tasks take up most of my energy?

I would have to say cooking meals I think. Sometimes I'm in the mood for cooking and other nights I'm just not in the mood for standing in the kitchen for an hour getting dinner ready. So I think that cooking would be the one that takes out the most energy.

Other then that, the most energy out of me is when my teenagers "fuss/pout" like they were toddlers! Listening to them fuss over little stupid things takes a lot of energy out of me! Why? Because it takes energy for me to just let them fuss at each other and put on my headphones and blast music!! LOL..I'm tired of jumping in the middle of them and telling them to stop fussing like toddlers, I think one of these days they will figure it out and stop...maybe?!! They are 14, 15, 17 and 19! The 19 year old usually isn't in them but sometimes he gets involved and oh brother! I have 3 sons and one daughter...

Exotic Philippines Happy 2 Giveaway!!

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Exotic Philippines Happy 2 Giveaway

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Jan 1, 2013

New Years pic from my house

Here is a pic that my son took for the first day of 2013!!

NaBloPoMo-Tues Jan 1- Where do I draw my energy from?

I draw my energy from music. I love music. I swear I can't seem to get anything done without out. I am not that talented to be a great singer or anything but I do love singing along now and again and I love playing the singing games on the game systems with my teens..that is a good time for relaxing and being just silly and out there!

When I need to get things done I play music, if I can't find a station online that I like listening too, I start my spotify. I have several Playlist that I made up for different moods that I get in and I play them. I blast them on my laptop. I absolutely have to have music while cleaning, cooking, relaxing, taking a bath and relaxing, getting ready, working (its turned down since sometimes I answer/make calls) and doing anything else music is my energy.

I love all kinds of music, from back in the 60s and 70s classic rock and classic country to especially the 80s rock like Bon Jovi and Poison to Motley Crue and other great bands and artists, they don't make music like they use too that's for sure! I love some of today's music. I listen to today's pop songs on kiss fm in Dallas usually daily unless I'm in the "mood" for love songs or country songs or harder rock or just good ole' 80s rock.

Blog Challenge for January day 1 - 10 goals

January Blog Challenge Day 1 - 10 goals I'm setting for myself this year...non-blog related..

1. Getting myself contacts and new glasses.
2. Going on my trip to Rome, Italy for my 40th birthday with one of my best friends.
3. Becoming a single mom
4.Getting my own place
5.Be happy ....
6.Moving up in my career.
7.Take a road trip to Graceland.
8.Take a mini-trip to Vegas maybe
9.Get a smaller vehicle/car
10.Set up a better organized home office.

And I will be doing all of those things and more by the first 6 months of the year. Maybe the trip to Graceland might be towards the end of the year but everything else by the end of March..my 40th birthday.

This year is going to be special because I am turning the big 40...some people dread it..I'm looking forward to it since I am planning to spend a week in Italy with one of my best friends. I am going to be in Rome and then Florence and Venice...it is going to be so amazing!! I haven't ever been further then well..hmm Canada and that was back when I was a teen...so this is going to be a great year. I am doing things for me to better me and make me happy. My kids are teenagers and they have everything and are happy, now its my turn to get my contacts that I haven't had since I was pg with my 2nd son who just turned 17. Its time for me to get a car and not have to worry about hauling kids around, they can ride there bikes or ride with friends or find other ways. I am getting my own place and becoming a single mom again but I am looking So forward to it! I think I'm more anxious and ready to get out there and be on my own then anything.
Happy New Year everyone!!

New Years Bash Giveaway!!


This looks like an awesome giveaway!! Thank you for everyone who is involved in it, I am just helping out, I am not a sponsor or host. Good luck to each of you that enter!! Happy New Year!!!

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Dec 31, 2012

Last moon of the 2012

My son went outside and took a pic of the last moon of 2012...it was pretty but my camera (getting a way better and new one soon for my trip to Italy) didn't turn out so good but I wanted to share anyway and say good-bye 2012!

Lugz For the Ladies Giveaway!! 1/1-1/15

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Double DVD Giveaway!!

Hey Midwest Mamas Reviews Fans, I had the opportunity to giveaway TWO great DVD's to you all. This giveaway features Thomas & Friends Holiday Express and also Veggie Tales Sweetpea Beauty. There will be TWO winners, one for each DVD. I want to thank Mommy Bear Media for the opportunity to do this giveaway. If you haven't been to their site yet, be sure to check it out at www.mommybearmedia.com.

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Dec 30, 2012

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