Jun 23, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 23 - Favorite Blog Post you've written before this challenge.

Favorite blog post before the challenge that I have blogged was the one about the goals that I wanted to do this year. I can’t seem to find it!! That’s what I get for writing nearly 300 blogs so far this year!! Goodness!! LOL but I absolutely love it!
So here is what I remember …my goals…
Live life to the fullest and be happy, if your not happy change it to where you are! I changed for the better and I am happy now.
Goal of starting college in pursuit of getting my Real Estate license which I am doing right now.
Getting a newer vehicle for the family, which is now done! I got it last Friday!! WOOHOO!
Marriage…hmm well after 17 years of being in an upside down marriage and going through everything that you can possibly imagine, I have made the decision to end it, yes it will be hard but I am up for the challenge of being a single mom to 4 teens!
This year has pretty much been about me…getting myself together, doing more for me, concentrating on my work, my career and getting myself things.
Yes that is selfish and yes I admit it but for all the years of my life, I have done for my kids and husband and now that the marriage is done and now that my kids are teens and they don’t need me 24/7s I am doing for me.
I am getting myself contacts this fall hopefully.
And one of the goals was to move into a bigger/better house which I did that at the beginning of Feb.
I have done most of them or at least in the process of them.
Oh and travel more, take road trips out of the blue just because…

Jun 22, 2012

Jun 21, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 21 - Most recent words of wisdom you heard that stuck with you.

Words of wisdom…hmm haven’t heard any lately…Say what is on your mind. Don’t let it bottle up inside of you and if you can’t or don’t want to say what’s on your mind, write a letter or blog about it on a blog where only you can read it if you don’t want others to read what your thinking…just don’t let it get bottled up inside of you because eventually it will blow up!
I used to be that way and I have learned to speak my mind and let others know what I think both positive and sometimes negative.
Don’t take things for granted. You never know when things and or people will be gone!

Jun 20, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 20 - Photo of you as a young child.

I don't have one...My mother and my grandmother have all the photos of me as a young child..I have the ones of my kids of course younger but none of myself.

Jun 19, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 19 - Something you're proud of from the last few days.

Something that I am proud of in the past few days…hmm, well I have spent time with my kids and tried to get to bed on time. I know…I am very proud of myself for keeping up with homework for my 2 classes for college. Its so easy to get frustrated and behind on things but I am doing pretty good with them so far.

Jun 18, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 18 - A recipe you love.

I absolutely love Hopi Fry Bread!! Although I can't seem to find the darn recipe for it but I absolutely love it!! I haven't made it in awhile so I guess that's why I can't seem to find the darn recipe!

Its really good and is like or basically is soapa pillas :)

Jun 17, 2012

Getting caught up on blogging!!

I am behind a few days on the blog challenges that I am doing but they will get done and up to date tonight!
Have a great upcoming week everyone.

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 17 - 3 things you are proud of about your personality

Summer blog challenge – day 17 – 3 things you are proud of about your personality

I am proud of the person that I have and become and especially how I have grown in the past year.
I have a positive attitude with a smile on my face ¾ of the time….I look forward to the good things and not look at what I don’t have and what we do have.
I have a caring and soft personality. I care about my friends like they are my family because in my eyes they are and always will be family. I care about others and I like to help when I can in a variety of ways.
I am proud of the way that I don’t take crap from people anymore. I used to take what others said way too serious, and I would let it get to me but I wouldn’t speak up for myself. I would just listen to it and not say what I thought or what was on my mind…This year especially that has done a 360 turn!! I will tell you what I think and I won’t take things too seriously. All that does it stress me out and I don’t need more stress in my life. My family was the main cause of this crap (parents/half-brother/aunt etc) and I have dealt with them and put them out of my life and its worked…so much less stress!! And that just proves what kind of people that they truly are and how much they care for rand love me and my children, they don’t or they wouldn’t do me or my children the way s that they have. More so my children this year then me..and that’s where I drew the line!! Mess with me…NOT MY KIDS!
Not sure if that is what was meant by 3 personality etc but that is what came to my mind J

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