Jun 9, 2012

Blog Dare - day 9 - They think I don't know.

They think I don't know when they are lying or up to something! My teens actually think that I don't know when they are up to something...like I wasn't a teen myself once and know what they are up too!
I have eyes in the back of my head! I think that all moms do and I have great hearing for those times that they decide to walk off and mumble under there breath!

Jun 8, 2012

Blog Dare - Day 8 June - It almost ruined my {birthday, wedding, graduation}.

Hmm, well this past birthday, it almost ruined my day because I thought that one of my very best friends of 22 plus years was mad at me, he wasn't, just had things going on but I thought that he was mad and I was hoping that he would just say Happy Birthday and he did so everything was fine!  But if he wouldn't of that probably would of ruined my birthday.

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 8 - Not including blogging ;) your favorite guilty pleasure.

Hmm, well I love chocolate..so that's another one of my guilty pleasures but I think that blogging sometimes tops chocolate!! LOL depending on my mood!!

Jun 7, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 7 - Picture of something that makes you happy.

Every day I am so thankful that I have 4 great kids and they make me happy even on my worst days...Love them so much with all my heart!! Always will...always and forever!

Blog Dare - Day 7 for June - ... And that's when I pulled the car over.

For today's blog dare its .... And that's when I pulled the car over. Well the only thing that comes to mind right now when I think about pulling the car over is when one of my best friends called me on my cell while I was driving and she said that she lost her dog...I knew then and there when I heard her crying that I needed to pull the car over and talk and I did...so sad! She had a dog that was with her for a lot of years and then he ended up dying..such a sad day....I hate losing animals..they are more then just a pet, they are a part of your family, especially after being with you for years and years....RIP Tiny!

Jun 6, 2012

Blog Dare - Day 6 of June - Summer is so...

For the Blog Dare today its...Summer is so...I think that summer is sooooo hot!! If it was 70s or 80s all the time I wouldn't mind it so much. Summer is a lot of fun though when you can stay cool and don't have to be out in the heat.
I plan on doing a lot of things this summer..going to the zoo or rather zoos and maybe getting a pool haven't made up my mind on that one completely yet.
Summer is so long! At least it feels like it right now although I'm sure here pretty soon it will start flying by and be time for school to start again for the kids.

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 6 - Nicknames you have & why you have them.

For the Summer Blog Challenge today its Nicknames you have and why you have them....hmm, well the only one I can think of right now is mom..is that a nickname? If it is that is the only one I have at the moment...

Movie - Magic Mike

I don't know about any of you...but I am a huge fan of Channing Tatum ever since I watched Step Up and fell in love with him in it! Not bad looking!! So then I saw this trailer about a movie called Magic Mike.....my mouth dropped!! LOL...Channing Tatum is in it and Matt McCounaughey they are both so dang good looking!!! Love watching both of them and for the both of them to be in this movie...wow!! So when it comes out I am SO going to see it!! LOL...

Jun 5, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge - Day 5 - Short term goals for this month and why those goals.

My short term goals for this month and why those goals...
First one is to pass my Real Estate course. It lasts this month, just started yesterday, lasts until July 6th. I know that I can do it and I am trying really hard to complete this goal.
Second is to pass my other summer course which lasts longer, it goes until the end of July and also started yesterday. I am already ahead in it so no worries on passing this one.
Third is to get my newer vehicle. My older van is running down on me and I very much need and want a newer vehicle..not new new but new to me! That is one of my top goals because my youngest son will be in football this upcoming school year and my other 2 that are still in school will both be in high school..one freshman and one sophomore and so they will have there activities and things to do and places to go so a nicer newer vehicle will help with those things.
Fourth is my work, I am starting a work class on the 18th and it last for 4 weeks so to get through that and pass it and get certified and do good on my calls and things is another goal. I love working customer service so I am pretty sure that I will do great. I love learning new things and especially when the class is for a company that sells office supplies/furniture etc..right up my alley! I love office things!! That is like a kids Toys R Us to me!! LOL
Fifth, to take more family outtings/trips even if its just for the day to the lake or to the pool or to the zoo etc..I want to take more road trips even if its just a short one a couple hours away.
Sixth, get things situated/settled in my life...personal things that need to be handled. Some of them might take longer then this month but they will be moving forward...
And those are my main goals for this month

Blog Dare - Day 5 - What I shouldn't have bought for my child{ren}.

Well the thing that comes to mind first on what I shouldn't of bought my children...cell phones!!!
They have had them on and off for awhile now and I don't think that I am going to be giving them back anytime soon to any of them! They are teenagers and with being teens I would think that they would listen and not do things such as download things that cost a month when I have told them not too...but apparently they have..which is one reason not too long ago they lost there phones. I have decided that if they want a cell, then they will be working and paying for it their selves. So my daughter wants to baby sit this summer which that would be good and my  youngest whose 13 1/2 wants to work at Sonic as a carhop which would work too and then my middle son not sure where he wants to work or what he's going to do and my oldest is putting in applications all over so we will see what he gets. Maybe my oldest and middle son could go into the lawn mowing business..everyone needs lawns mowed and around here there are older people that I am sure would appreciate the help in someone else mowing there lawn...so we will see about that.
They might have cells again soon but it won't be me paying for them!

Jun 4, 2012

Blog Dare - Day 4 - The most used room in our home.

Hmm, the most used room in our home....That's a hard one...I would say the kitchen probably ties with the living room. We are constantly in the kitchen for one thing or another it seems like! Making snacks or getting them or getting meals prepared or putting up groceries or making cookies etc. But then the living room is where we go and hang out and talk and spend family time, watch movies, play the wii, board games etc...The living room is going to get a makeover hopefully soon..I want to repaint it and get blinds and a few other things in there.Its a nice size and I want to make it look nicer.

Summer Blog Challenge day 4 - meaning behind blog name

Summer Blog Challenge day 4 - meaning behind blog name.

Well mine is simple really....I am completely queen of random!! lol..I can be sitting here thinking about one thing like kids and blog about them and the next thing you know I am blogging about a review like the one at Mobile about the m&m's not being on sale anymore!! See random...that's me!! LOL..I love the name I think that its completely me 1000%!

I love the name because it doesn't mean that I am just going to be blogging about my family life or just about working or just about reviews or just about one topic..I go everywhere with my blogs! Not that I have anything against the ones that do have just one topic or whatever that they blog about that is great  Its just not for me..I have to be blogging about any and everything that I think of at any given time.

Jun 3, 2012

Click to donate free - care2.com

Take a couple of minutes and click on great causes to donate for free...just takes a couple of minutes....Care2

Today's sky pic :)

Our trip to the museum here in town

So yesterday Leon and Jessica went walking around and exploring new parts of town that they hadn't seen ... they came back here around noon and said they found a museum and that it was great and awesome and wanted me to go with them to look. So me and Chris said ok and we all went to the museum that we hadn't even noticed or knew about in our over 2 years of living here.
We went in and there was a nice older gentleman who talked to us and we signed in and then he gave us a tour. Earlier while Leon and Jesse was there they just went through and looked on there own. This guy gave us a tour which was nice.
We saw a beautiful old piano..can't remember the story about it...I believe it was the founder of the town's piano but not 100% percent positive of that. We saw a NASA suit in the glass case..very cool to have a nasa suit there!  And indian lady...I think she was the first lady pilot? Don't remember for sure...yep need to go back and take more notes I guess! lol...
Saw a pretty purple and white dress...and the guy told us a story about it....you can tell from just looking at the dress if the lady was married or not..how you ask? Easy...if the dress is open in the front she's married and if its open in the back she's not...why is that you ask? For breast feeding..uh huh that's right. If the lady was married she wore a dress that opened in the front for easy access to breast feed her baby...interesting as I didn't think about it that way at all..hmm learn something new everyday.
In the next part was another piano on the right and then to the left was a beautiful car. An older car..I love the shape and design of the older cars..love them! It was a nice older  black car. JC Potter (yea the sausage company donated the car to the museum..JC Potter founded his fame here in Durant!! Isn't that cool? I thought it was very cool. I have a picture of the sewing machine that the wife used to sew sausage bags. And it has the bags on there as well. I think that is too cool! Didn't realize that about this town..other cool things about it too that I didn't know..

There was a part of the train depot and it had the telegraph machine in there and the old old cash register and omg the adding machine..so old! I don't think I got a pic of it darn it but it was so old!

There was an old freezer..a huge one he told us how they went out and cut blocks of ice off of the lake and then put it in there with the sawdust to last awhile..so cool to learn so many things like that. We also saw a corn sheller which was cool looking and the wash board.

And old old bike with the basket on it..I love the old looking bicycles. And a tricycle that was old. 

Then we went upstairs and saw some cool things. The one thing that got my attention upstairs was the beauty salon part of it...there was a huge thing above the ladies head and that was used to put in her hair..I have a pic.....look below..that is just scary looking! LOL

I will put up a few pictures and share...Anyway the guy gave us a tour of the place, two stories and then we went around on our own one more time then left. Nice little museum.
When I have the time at the end of this month or next month we will be going to all kinds of other places around here and Oklahoma and taking pics and things and sharing.

Blog Dare - Day 3 - The interruptions to my day...

The interruptions to my day...I don't like interruptions. I like to be in my zone and getting things done whether its doing chores or at my desk getting work done or heck if its just relaxing for a little while on a game..I like my time in whatever I'm doing to go without any interruptions but that doesn't happen too much!

It always seems to be something...the phone, the door, the kids, hubby, the cell phone or the cats! LOL

So now that I have a good lock on my bedroom/office door I like to use that when I need too in order to help control some of the interruptions..

When its serious work time, that is when there is no interruptions no matter what and if there is something that they (kids/hubby) think is urgent they are told to text me and if I happen to check my phone on break and choose to answer them ok and if I don't oh well!!

Summer Blog Challenge - day 3 - 15 interesting facts about yourself.

So today's Summer Blog Challenge for day 3 is 15 interesting facts about myself...hmm...ok here we go.....

1. I don't look like anyone in my family (I look like my bio dad that I have never met in person but have seen pictures)
2. I have been wearing glasses since I can remember .. about the age of 5. I hate them! I love contacts and I am getting them either this summer or Fall!
3. My one and only daughter looks like a mini-me! She is tall and skinny (I use to be), she has also had to wear glasses since she was little and she also wants contacts..since she's starting high school this upcoming school year I am considering it..
4. I am 6 ft tall.
5. I have to have music playing in order to get anything done!
6. I love taking long long long hot relaxing baths. (not too interesting but running out of things! lol)
7. I have had one truck in my life and I liked driving it better then any car or van that I have had.
8. I have most of my best friends from high school and even some before then on my facebook and keep up with them :)
9. I have 2 half sisters and a half brother that I have never met.
10. I didn't know that the man that is on my birth certificate isn't my bio dad until I was 30!!
11. I have been to 2 Bret Michaels concerts and loved them!!
12. I have been to one Bon Jovi concert for my 30th birthday with one of my best friends and had the chance to sit on stage at the concert but didn't get too because my best friend was on crutches at the time and we didn't know that it was going to get us on stage and he didn't want to miss the opening show...The Goo Goo Dolls I believe was the opening act!!
13. I believe in love at first sight...
14. I have been a work at home mom for over 10 years working in customer service and Real Estate.
15. I am currently enrolled in college and taking classes to further my career in the Real Estate field.

Ok there ya go....have a great day :)


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